Saturday, 21 February 2015

From the Vats: Adventures & Monsters!

I've been doing a bit more work on the layout of From the Vats this morning, normalising the stat blocks of the monsters from the various contributors. (See my post from a few weeks back for an example of the monster layout I'm using.)

This section is now complete! Here's the list of monsters:
  1. Ambulator (Walker)
  2. Apparition Shrimp
  3. Arboreal Cattle
  4. Body Stealer
  5. Cenarach
  6. City Walker
  7. Cornucopia Beast
  8. Ctenophoric Maiden
  9. Fishing Elephant
  10. Goit
  11. Gliding Beast
  12. Great Ape
  13. Jelly, Luminous
  14. Jelly, Muscle
  15. Necrohandler
  16. Nervous Engine
  17. Sanguinary
  18. Sentry Bee
  19. Smoak
  20. Star Maw
  21. Succubus Crab
  22. Tentacled Guardian
  23. Watch Hound
The supplement also contains three adventures:
  • The Submerged Spire of Sarpedon the Shaper, by Ben L.
  • The Sepulchre of the Clone, by Alex Schröder.
  • In Corporis Malum, by Anders Hedenbjörk Lager.
Thanks again to everyone for their submissions!

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