Friday 18 January 2013

Theorems & Thaumaturgy: The Weirdomancer

A while back I had the idea of running a D&D campaign where the only spells available were those from AD&D's Unearthed Arcana.

Last night the seed of that idea germinated and produced a mutant fruit.

What about a campaign where the only spells available are those from Theorems & Thaumaturgy?

I thus present the Weirdomancer, a class with access to all the unique spells of the elementalist, necromancer and vivimancer classes from Theorems & Thaumaturgy.

It's probably a totally weirdly unbalanced class compared to the standard magic-user, in that it's missing some really basic spells like detect magic, and dispel magic. But I reckon it'd be a lot of fun to play!

A new FLAILSNAILS character, anyone?


  1. This guy is awesome! I think he will make an excellent villain...

    1. Yes I was thinking it was rather villainous too!


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