Wednesday 16 January 2013

City Campaign As Random Table

A small idea wich came to me the other day, which I thought might be interesting to share.

What do you need when running a city-based campaign? Some things are:
  1. Lots of roughly detailed locations and NPCs.
  2. Lots of rumours.
My idea was to create a city campaign solely in the form of random tables. I was thinking of a format, per table entry, like the following:

Number - Name
Secret: something which could be very interesting to adventurers, but which is not commonly known.
Hook: a direct adventure hook which can be found at this location or via this NPC.
Connection: at least one connection to another numbered entry.

So the same collection of numbered entries can both be placed on a map as locations, and used as random rolls for rumours and adventure hooks.


  1. Do you know my Towers of Krshal booklet?

    1. I know of it -- in that it consists purely of random tables, yeah? But I've not read it. Does it use a similar format?

    2. No, the only similarity is that it is exclusively built of random tables. However, it proves that this concept can work.


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