Tuesday 27 September 2011

The vivimancer is finished!

After many months of gradual work, I'm finally happy with the spell list for the vivimancer -- my new nature-warping magic-user class. Here's the final spell list (including over 50 new spells), and a couple more spells for your perusal. I'm going to keep the rest of the spells under wraps until Theorems & Thaumaturgy is finished, to maintain some element of surprise ;)

1st level
  1. Detect poison
  2. Edibility (reversible)
  3. Entangle (D)
  4. Jump (MU)
  5. Natural weaponry
  6. Read magic
  7. Reptilian metabolism
  8. Skin transformation
  9. Sleep (MU)
  10. Speak with animals (D)
  11. Spider climb (MU)
  12. Spore cloud
  13. Summon familiar (MU)
  14. Vitality surge
  15. Yeast growth
2nd level
  1. Accelerated immune system
  2. Accelerated metabolism
  3. Divide body
  4. Drone
  5. Fungal growth
  6. Infravision (MU)
  7. Life energy protection
  8. Polyvorousness
  9. Staunch blood flow
  10. Symbiotic familiar
  11. Venom
  12. Water breathing (MU)
  13. Warp wood (D)
  14. Web (MU)
3rd level
  1. Accelerated healing
  2. Cannibalize
  3. Feign death (MU)
  4. Fly (MU)
  5. Hibernate
  6. Hold animal (D)
  7. Insect swarm (D)
  8. Natural weaponry, improved
  9. Neutralize poison (D)
  10. Plant growth (D)
  11. Repel vermin (D)
  12. Spore blast
4th level
  1. Hive mind
  2. Hive sight
  3. Hold vegetation and fungus (D)
  4. Immunity to disease
  5. Plant metabolism
  6. Plant symbiosis
  7. Polymorph others (MU)
  8. Polymorph self (MU)
  9. Speak with plants (D)
  10. Swarm transformation
5th level
  1. Animal growth (D)
  2. Anti-plant shell (D)
  3. Devolution
  4. Divide mind
  5. Immunity to poison
  6. Insect plague (D)
  7. Regeneration
  8. Transfer pregnancy
  9. Wall of thorns (D)
6th level
  1. Anti-animal shell (D)
  2. Charm plants (MU)
  3. Impregnate
  4. Life cycle
  5. Reincarnate (MU)
  6. Repel wood (D)
  7. Transformative pupation
  8. Virus
7th level
  1. Egg of life
  2. Meld
  3. Mutate
  4. Parasitic implantation
  5. Regeneration, greater
  6. Replicate lifeform
  7. Vats of creation
8th level
  1. Clone (MU)
  2. Explosive growth
  3. Mass devolution
  4. Regenerative pupation
  5. Shape change (MU)
  6. Survival of the fittest
  7. Xenogamy
9th level
  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Creeping doom (D)
  3. Extraordinary regeneration
  4. Extinction
  5. Genesis
  6. Mass mutation
  7. Temporal stasis (MU)

The rest of this post is designated Open Gaming Content according to the Open Gaming License.

Level: 3
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch

This gruesome spell enables a vivimancer to magically consume the living tissue of other creatures and transmute its energy to regenerate damage to his own body. The caster's touch inflicts 2d6 points of damage, which manifests as a visible reduction in the volume of the victim's body – chunks of flesh or limbs may be ripped off, the target may become emaciated, and so on. The caster instantly regenerates an equal number of hit points to the damage taken by the target.

A successful attack roll is required, unless the victim is willing or helpless. The damage inflicted by this spell can generally only be healed by magical means.

Plant Symbiosis
Level: 4
Duration: 1 day per level
Range: Touch

The caster is able to meld his physical body with nearby plants. While in this symbiotic state, the caster can survive without food or water, being nourished purely by the root systems of the host plants. At the caster's option he may meld his body completely so that it disappears inside the plants, may leave sensory organs exposed so that he can still see or hear while in symbiosis, or may choose to leave larger portions of his body outside of the host.

This spell may be used to target a single intelligent plant-based creature, providing it is of at least twice the caster's volume. The creature is allowed a saving throw versus polymorph to resist the symbiosis, but if it fails it is affected by a charm (in the same way as charm person) while the caster remains in symbiosis.

The caster can choose to end the symbiosis at any time during the spell's duration.


  1. Nice work!

    I'm excited to see the completed Theorems & Thaumaturgy, but take as much time as needed to make it awesome.

  2. Yes, this is great stuff, can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  3. Looking forward to the book!

  4. Oh, nicely done with Cannibalize. Very visually horrific and evocative.

  5. Yes I like cannibalize :) I think it's a good example of the difference between the vivimancer and the druid!


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