Monday, 11 July 2011

Necromancer spell list & holiday

The work on my necromancer class for Labyrinth Lord is progressing well, and it feels like the spell list is nearing completion. As a little teaser I thought I'd post the list as it currently stands. I'll probably flesh out the mid to high levels a bit more, but you should be able to get an idea of the kind of things the class is capable of. By the way, I think I didn't mention it before, but all the new spells, classes, monsters, etc in the book are going to be open gaming content.

(Also, I'll be on holiday for the next 2 weeks, from tomorrow, so no posts will manifest during that time.)

(C) denotes cleric spells, (MU) denotes magic-user spells and (I) denotes illusionist spells, all from the Advanced Edition Companion.

1st level
  1. Cause light wounds (C)
  2. Command dead
  3. Command undead
  4. Darkness globe (MU)
  5. Detect disease
  6. Detect undead
  7. Dying words
  8. Exterminate
  9. Haunting
  10. Locate remains
  11. Pass undead
  12. Preserve dead
  13. Ray of enfeeblement (MU)
  14. Read magic
  15. Scare (MU)
  16. Shadow touch
  17. Skeletal servitor
  18. Summon familiar (MU)
  19. Unseen servant (MU)
2nd level
  1. Choke
  2. Corpse visage
  3. Death recall
  4. Drag from death's door
  5. Feign death (MU)
  6. Ghoul touch
  7. Lend strength or fortitude
  8. Ray of pain
  9. Resist turning
  10. Seal tomb
  11. Speak with dead (C)
  12. Spectral hand
  13. Summon swarm
  14. Zombie servitor
3rd level
  1. Animate dead (MU)
  2. Cause disease (C)
  3. Fear (MU)
  4. Hold person (MU)
  5. Skull sight
  6. Skull speech
  7. Summon undead I
  8. Unhallow
  9. Walking dead
  10. Zone of sinister stillness
4th level
  1. Cause serious wounds (C)
  2. Charm undead
  3. Curse (MU – reverse of remove curse)
  4. Graft
  5. Mummy touch
  6. Summon undead II
  7. Swarm transformation
5th level
  1. Cause critical wounds (C)
  2. Death spell (MU)
  3. Defy death
  4. Gaseous form
  5. Magic jar (MU)
  6. Summon shadow (I)
  7. Summon undead III
  8. Zone of creeping terror
6th level
  1. Contact spirit
  2. Curse of undeath
  3. Harm (C – reverse of heal)
  4. Knowledge of life
  5. Organ transference, lesser
  6. Spiritwrath (MU)
  7. Summon undead IV
7th level
  1. Death geas
  2. Destruction (C – reverse of resurrection)
  3. Drain energy (C – reverse of restoration)
  4. Necrosis (C – reverse of regenerate)
  5. Summon demon (MU)
  6. Summon undead V
  7. Undead regeneration
  8. Zone of weakness
8th level
  1. Clone (MU)
  2. Organ transference, greater
  3. Power word blind (MU)
  4. Skeletal army
  5. Summon undead VI
  6. Symbol (MU)
9th level
  1. Power word kill (MU)
  2. Raise dead (C)
  3. Reinstate spirit
  4. Steal life force
  5. Summon undead VII
  6. Zone of death


  1. As a hardcore B/X purist, I find the spell lists too... big... at the low levels. 20 spells is a lot of diversity for a specialist caster.

  2. Hey Dyson, interesting point... Of course I'm working from the AD&D / Labyrinth Lord + AEC model, where much bigger spell lists are the norm, but you've prompted me to think about the possibility of also including minimal B/X style spell lists with around 10 spells per level, to give people the option. Might be a nice "feature".


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