Sunday 29 May 2011

Old-school t-shirts: Resurrection

Yes, I've been at it again! I like this one a lot -- simple but effective ;) It's sort of a secret code word which is meaningless and unremarkable to "those who do not know", and yet immediately recognisable and evocative to those who do.

(By the way, I did toy with the idea of using one of the new OSR logos, which I like a lot, but which don't have the same quality of recognisability that the old TSR logo has.)


  1. Where did you make/order this? I'd like to have one, too!

    (And I'll be at Burg Con, as well...)

  2. Hey mondbuchstaben, I got the tshirt made here. It's the place near Oranienburger Tor U-Bahn.

    I can email you the vector file of the logo if you like (my email's in the "about me").

    Do you live in Berlin? Or just visiting for BurgCon? It'd be cool to meet up there!


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