Friday, 6 May 2011

European old-school blogs

I'm starting a little collection here... If you turn your gaze to the bottom of the "widgets" column on the right, you will see a new section entitled "European Old-School Blogs". Something I've noticed recently is that most of the blogs I read are, as far as I can gather, written by people based in the US. There's a few Canadians in there too (notably James Maliszewski), but I find myself wondering how many people writing about old-school RPGs there are in Europe.

As a European (a Brit living in Germany, in fact) I thought it'd be nice to build up a bit of a picture of who's in the local(ish) vicinity. To start it off I've added a few old-school related blogs that I know of, which are written by people living in Europe. (Note that this specification includes people of non-European origin who call this continent home, such as James Raggi.)

It's a pretty small list at present, but I'm sure that is due to my ignorance, rather than a lack of extant Euro old-school blogs. Further links and suggestions most welcome!

I guess if the list grows gradually and lots of non-English blogs get added I might split it into one list per language, if that becomes necessary. We'll see...


  1. I think Daddy Grognard is one of us, and Vaults of Nagoh and Monsters and Manuals is too, although he's been quiet of late.

    I'm also fond of Wee Blokes, although it tends to be more of a wargamey blog.

    The extent to which they count as "old school" is probably up to you, but I'd say they're more so than all the brainless wittering about Pathfinder and Savage Worlds you see at that Brighton blog. ;)

  2. Certainly am. East Yorkshire (but a Londoner by birth)

  3. I live in Europe (Czech Republic) and recently started an OS blog of my own.

  4. I can offer three of my own: (German) about an OSR reimagination of AD&D 1, 2, 3

    Then (English) about a different approach to an OSR version of Gamma World and finally about yet another OSR revision of White Box D&D (English).

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the excellent links!

    Kelvin: Well, I know the B&HRPG blog isn't exactly old-school focused, but you're pretty active in the OSR scene, so that merits your inclusion ;)

    Daddy G: Well I never! Your adventures per monster posts are excellent!

    stygianarchives: A great blog so far, looking forward to hearing more about RPGs in the Czech Republic during the communist years!

    Thomas: Three excellent blogs -- wow you are busy! ;) I see you live in NRW... There seems to be an unfortunate lack of old-school D&D people here in Berlin... If you know of anyone, let me know!

    Snorri, from France

  7. Hey Nicolas / Snorri, I just added your blog to the list :)

  8. Thanks Gavin. Much appreciated!


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