Wednesday 23 June 2010

Summoning lists

I'm very keen on the idea of summoners. And the summon ally spell in Savage Worlds (Fantasy Companion) really makes it possible to do this archetypal specialist wizard justice. However, my only problem with that power is that it's very limited and rather specific in the types of creatures it allows a character to summon. Basically it's just animals, elementals, and a few construct-type creatures. Which are all fine, but I thought it'd be nice to create some more diverse, themed lists which a character can choose from when learning summon ally. Here's what I've got so far.


  • Novice: Bird of prey (FC), Dog / wolf (SWEX), Snake, venomous (SWEX), Swarm of rats (SWEX)
  • Seasoned: Boar (FC), Dire wolf (FC), Snake, constrictor (SWEX)
  • Veteran: Alligator / crocodile (SWEX), Lion (SWEX), Snake, deadly venomous (SWEX)
  • Heroic: Bear, large (SWEX), Bull (SWEX), Rhino (Savage Beasts)
  • Legendary: Elephant (Savage Beasts)

Demons / Devils

  • Novice: Damned (Savage Beasts)
  • Seasoned: Hell hound (FC), Demonic soldier (FC)
  • Veteran: Diabolic servitor (Man-cat, Man-goat, Man-toad)
  • Heroic: Black knight (FC), Master of the pit (Savage Beasts)
  • Legendary: Lasher (FC), Torture lord (Savage Beasts)


  • Novice: Skeleton (FC), Zombie (FC)
  • Seasoned: Ghoul (FC)
  • Veteran: Frozen wight (Savage Beasts)
  • Heroic: Guardian mummy (FC), Shadow (Savage Beasts), Spectre (Savage Beasts), Wight (FC)
  • Legendary: Vampire, young (FC)

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