Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I've also got a summon ally table for elementals in mind, as I really like the idea of an Elementalist mage with awesome summoning powers. But at the moment (using the existing monster lists) it's an extremely sparse list:

  • Novice:
  • Seasoned:
  • Veteran: Elemental
  • Heroic:
  • Legendary:

Yeah, needs a bit of filling out. The Border elementals from the Fantasy Companion will of course be in there, but I've got to decide if they're of equal or lesser rank than the normal elementals. Various kind of demi-elemental creatures could also probably be added (like Salamanders, and possibly Djinni / Efreet), but that's only part of the way. I'm going to need to create some new elemental creatures. Here are some ideas:

  • More border elementals. I don't know why, but I find them really cool, and love the idea of more of them. We've got lava, mud, sand and steam. How about (consulting the AD&D list of para & quasi elemental planes...) smoke, ice, lightning, ash, dust and salt?
  • Lesser elementals. I've coined the name "elementines" for these creatures. The intention is to make some creatures that can be summoned by Novice elementalists.
  • Greater elementals. I'm not sure how powerful these should go, have to think about it.


  1. Are you planning to expand on this? I have wanted an Elementalist class for some time, and have a few ideas of my own, but have hit something of an impasse, for many of the same reasons you have. I too love border elementals, and agree that we need more "lesser elementals" -- your name for these, elementines, is great!

  2. Ah yes... That was an idea for Savage Worlds that kind of got lost along the way somewhere... :) However, I have actually been thinking about an Elementalist class for Labyrinth Lord as well recently. I've been working on converting / OGLing some old AD&D spells to Labyrinth Lord to make a Necromancer class, and the Elementalist was next on the list. With a nicely padded out spell list it would definitely make a really cool class.

    Giving it a quick thought, the requirements would be something like:
    1. Find existing LL spells which would fit (some from the magic-user and druid spell lists).
    2. Create more spells to fill out the spell list (many could no doubt be resurrected from old AD&D sources, and OGLed).
    3. Find existing elemental creatures which might be summonable.
    4. Create new elemental creatures for summoning.

    All very fun tasks, but quite a chunk of work...

    What thoughts did you have on it?