Saturday 7 October 2017

Dolmenwood: The Book of Monsters So Far

Since the announcement of the work on the Dolmenwood book of monsters in Wormskin issue seven, I've been meaning to write a quick blog post about it.

First some details about what is planned:

  1. A hardcover book of monsters for the Dolmenwood setting. (The first in the line of Dolmenwood hardcovers.)
  2. Probably a full-size (A4 / Letter) book, for the more flexible layout possibilities that offers.
  3. PDF and softcover editions as well.
  4. 100+ monsters. (I'm setting 100 as the minimum goal. The final total may well end up higher -- I have a long list of possible ideas.)
  5. All monsters will be unique to the Dolmenwood setting. As those familiar with the monsters presented so far in Wormskin know, this may, of course, include Dolmenwood reinterpretations of classic monsters of myth or D&D. Check out the Dolmenwood take on dragons (wyrms) in Wormskin issue six, for example.
  6. Heavily illustrated. The dream here would be to have an illustration for every single monster. The über-dream would be for those all to be full colour illustrations. This basically depends on money, as commissioning 100+ illustrations will be expensive. Doubly so, if they're colour pieces. I'm considering setting this up as a kickstarter, when the time comes.
  7. The book will probably contain encounter charts for the different regions of Dolmenwood. (I'm not 100% decided on this yet.)

And secondly, just for fun, here's the list of monsters that I currently have written up. They number 49, so we are already pretty much half way to the initial goal of 100 monsters. Monsters in bold are new creatures that have not appeared in the pages of Wormskin.

  • Addercorn thrall
  • Antler wraith
  • Barrowbogey
  • Black tentacles
  • Bog salamander
  • Bog zombie
  • Boggin
  • Brainconk
  • Brambling
  • Centaur
  •   Bestial
  •   Sylvan
  • Devil goat
  • Drune
  •   Audrune
  •   Cottager
  •   Drunewife
  • Elf
  •   Lord/Lady
  • Fairy horse
  • Flammbraggyrd (by Andrew Walter)
  • Gelatinous hulk
  • Giant snail
  •   Psionic
  •   Rapacious
  • Gloam
  • Goatman
  •   Crookhorn
  •   Longhorn
  •   Shorthorn
  • Half-goat
  • Incantophage mushroom
  •   Fruiting body
  •   Sporeling
  • Kelpie
  • Mogglewomp
  •   Domestic
  •   Wandering
  • Moss dwarf
  •   Commoner
  •   Fighter
  •   Mould oracle
  • Nightworm
  • Nutcap
  • Ochre slime-hulk
  • Redcap
  • Root thing
  • Scrabey
  • Scrycke (by Yves Geens)
  • Sodder
  • Witch
  •   Witch
  • Witch owl
  • Woodgrue
  • Wyrm
  •   Black bile wyrm
  •   Phlegm wyrm
  •   Blood wyrm
  •   Yellow bile wyrm

More news as development happen!


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  2. Norman, perhaps this can serve as further inspiration:

  3. Is this going to be just critters or are racial spells and magic items to be included?

    Either is cool, but you do really shine with spell design.

  4. I'm sure you're going to include random encounter tables, please include a Gorgon on them


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