Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Basic / Expert Core Rules: Layout in Progress!

Wow, this project has happened so quickly -- and almost out of nowhere! -- that it feels weird to say that I'm working on a properly laid-out version of the document and talking to illustrators about filling it with beautiful art! And yet, that is the current state of affairs.

And, I must say, I'm super happy with the results. I believe this book is a real step up from either Labyrinth Lord (my current go-to B/X clone) or the original B/X D&D books, in terms of ease of reference. All the rules for each topic are collated into one location and presented on a single spread (no page flipping!). I was actually surprised, combing through B/X in such detail, as I did, to discover how many little rules were hidden in out-of-the-way locations. In my book, all these orphans are reunited with their families.

As a little indicator of progress and a hint at how things are laid out, here's a preview of the book's table of contents.

I'm hoping to publish it in PDF and print form (digest size) some time this summer! Alongside, I'll release a plain text (RTF, I guess) document of the rules, fully OGC, for other people to play with.


  1. So you wrote the whole thing up in three weeks? Wow

    1. Well, it's more been of a case of editing / collating, rather than writing from scratch. The core of the text is drawn from the OGC of Labyrinth Lord, which I have then reorganised, hacked around, and edited down. The main bulk of the work has been:
      1. collating rules that were spread across different areas into one chunk,
      2. checking for and fixing disparities between B/X and my collated text.

      Still, I have been pretty diligently working on it.

    2. That's just as hard, it's very impressive


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