Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Island: Character Classes

Continuing on from my recent campaign idea The Island, a bit about the rules I have in mind...

I'm imagining a simple, Labyrinth Lord base, with human-only PCs. (Some kind of monstrous race may exist on the island -- to be determined. Magical creatures certainly exist, but will be rare and unique. There are no human-friendly, non-human races.)

Classes available:

Defenders of human settlements from the monsters of the wild. Created using my work-in-progress The B/X Warrior.

Those who forsake a settled life in favour of wandering. Created using my The B/X Rogue. The set of talents available may need some tweaking, to emphasise this class' role as an explorer and adventurer, as opposed to a thief or criminal.

People who devote themselves to the worship of one of the island's four elemental deities. This class is closer to the classical magic-user than to the cleric, but I envisage it having access to miracles, as well as arcane magic. Something like this:
  • A magic-user class foundation, with only elemental spells.
  • Each priest is a devotee of one deity and may learn and cast spells of the associated element.
  • By praying at the shrines located around the island, a priest can gain different blessings, which are cast as spells. A priest can have at most one blessing per experience level. A blessing is lost after casting.
  • The shrines on the island all grant the blessing of cure light wounds, but some offer other clerical spells as well. In this way, a kind of exploration / shrine collection game is possible. (Some shrines may be lost in the island's wild, southern regions and the subject of myth and rumour.)

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