Sunday 13 December 2015

Pre-Yuletide Missives

Just a quick update on a few projects and gaming-related things that I've got on the go:
  • The first issue of Wormskin -- my and Greg Gorgonmilk's zine exploring the mythical Dolmenwood -- is (dare I say it?) poised for release. (See grumpy cat.) I have completed the layout and it is in the fair hands of the Gorgonmilk, awaiting his ducal seal of approval. Get your nostrils ready for massive infusions of dank moss.
  • Also: following on from the critically acclaimed (James Spahn, Tim Brannan, and Eric Fabiaschi liked it) B/X Rogue, I will shamelessly admit to having begun work on a sequel: the B/X Warrior. I imagine you can guess what it might be about.
  • Additionally: I am pleased to share that my home games are about to revert to Labyrinth Lord, after a brief flirtation with 5e. "Not my cup o tea" would be a fair summary of the experience.
More news as it breaks.

May all your dreams be mossy.

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