Friday 23 October 2015

B/X Rogue Class: Coming Soon!

A few weeks back, I wrote a post which sketched out an idea for a rogue class to replace (and subsume) the classic thief and its various subclasses. Here's the original post.

Well, I've been thinking about it a lot more, refining the ideas, adding more talents, adding rules for magic use (in the arcane dabbler vein of the Gray Mouser or the song magic vein of the traditional bard class), etc. It's developed into a fully written-up class in the form of a 20 page PDF! Having come this far, I plan to give the class a proper publication -- illustrations and all.

I'm not yet sure exactly when it'll be ready for publication, so this is just a heads up that it's on the horizon. (Also that I'm still out here, working on stuff, even though this blog has been nigh silent of late!)

More news when it comes...

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