Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New Zine: Wormskin

Greg Gorgonmilk and I have been dreaming for some time of a mythic, monster-haunted forest known as Dolmenwood. We've considered various forms of publication but have now settled on a piecemeal exposition of the locales, inhabitants, magic, and mysteries of the setting in the form of a zine.

It shall be known as Wormskin.

The first issue is in production now and should be ready for an August release. Tentative contents:
  • Grimalkin race-class and monster description.
  • Ditto for moss dwarfs. (Who have been discussed in brief on one previous occasion.)
  • The mysteries of the Yrthstone, one of the many powerful standing stones in the wood.
  • Random tables for fungal foraging.

Here's the gorgeous cover that Greg has created...

Available soon as PDF and print-on-demand, A5 softcover!


  1. Very pretty. Looking forward to it.

  2. I may use this as a setting for my first ever OSR campaign.

  3. Soon! Available soon! You tempt me and then say soon! You evil bastard.

    1. No! I have given you the opportunity to wallow in the glorious feeling of anticipation. It's for your own good!

    2. lol than I will anticipate gloriously.

  4. I would hate it if this was just to bait us
    If its one bit late, a low score you'll rate!
    But So hit that date, and mate your fate,
    but what's sate in my pate, I try to relate, err
    I abate...
    Sounds great! Can't wait!


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