Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wizardzine #1: Unleashed

Sorcerers, warlocks, witches, savants, and seers of all persuasions -- rejoice!

The tome known as Wizardzine #1 is upon us!


The theme of this inaugural issue is the magic of the vast, landless oceans and the abyssal depths of the seas.
Perfect spice for anyone interested in running campaigns featuring subaquatic adventures, seafaring, island hopping, piracy, smuggling, or other forms of nautical derring-do.
  • 30 new spells
  • 12 magical tomes
  • 5 new magic items
  • 3 new monsters
  • Detailed information on Ephenedrine the Sirene, oceanic sorceress
  • Appendices with tables for aquatic summoning and a complete sea wizard spell list.
Note: a print-on-demand version will be coming shortly, in a convenient A5 format.


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