Friday, 5 September 2014

Ix: 3d6 Foods

I did a little experiment today on my way to work: trying to write some game content on my phone during the 15 minutes which I spend on public transport. Here are the results:

Some Typical Foods of the Markets, Bazaars, and Tavernas of the Desert Cities

Poor Foods
  1. Crispy fried cobra skin
  2. Wheat grits with ground roach
  3. Flatbread with garlic
  4. Steaming fly-maggot broth
  5. Broiled lizard feet
  6. Fried Gajji sac with salt

Common Foods
  1. Chickpeas with goat bones
  2. Axolotl brain gruel
  3. Gajji steaks in olive oil
  4. Cinnamon fried asp
  5. Stag beetle stuffed with aubergine
  6. Fried rice with snake egg

Luxury Foods
  1. Live newt-spawn with mustard greens
  2. Roast leg of goat
  3. Mantis-meat kebab
  4. Vat-eel fillet
  5. Whole axolotl in apricot and mint marinade
  6. Steamed ixilot egg (fertilised)

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