Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Complete Vivimancer: Print Version Live! PDF Price Reduced!

After a fair amount of wailing, gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair, and such like, I am proud to announce that the print version (A5, softcover) of The Complete Vivimancer is now live for purchase at RPGNow!

With the launch of the print version, I've also reassessed the pricing of the book. It now costs:

PDF only - $6.99
Print only - $9.99
Print & PDF - $13.99

Go get it!

For people who have already bought the PDF at its former price: I've created a special discount code which allows you to get a copy of the print version of the book at cost. You should have received an email with the code. (I wasn't able to email all of you directly through RPGNow, so if you're one of these people and you've not received the coupon, just get in touch and I'll send it to you.)


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