Tuesday 8 April 2014

The Complete Vivimancer: On Sale Now!

The Complete Vivimancer, my to-date magnum opus of weird magic, is now available for sale at RPGNow!

Currently only the modern PDF format is available. The setup for the print version is going to require a wee bit more time, so bear with me if you seek paper inscribed with vivimantic secrets.

A few facts...

How many spells are in this thing?


If you have Theorems & Thaumaturgy (and you should... it's free!), that's 75 additional spells for the vivimancer class -- more than twice as many unique spells. The old spell list was a bit sparse, especially at high, mid and low levels. The new list is now seriously rounded. See here for the complete spell list.

If you only have the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion, that's over 130 additional spells to play with.

Many of the spells taken from the AEC or Th&Th have been newly edited, expanded, clarified and spruced. So even the old is now new!

And what about magic items?


Weird number. It was originally a nice round 40, but then I found some more space and squeezed two more in there.

Previously there were a grand total of 0 vivimantic items in Th&Th, and maybe 2 in the AEC (the wand of polymorphing and the chime of cannibalism are pretty vivimantic).

These are some examples of the sort of weird and wonderful items among those 42: brain leeches, cerebral spider, worm of poison absorption, apparatus of organ transference, brain vat, lens of blinding, blood tree, solvent of androgyny, staff of flesh dissolution.

What's it look like?

Heavily illustrated.

A5 for convenient, hold-in-your-hand (or on your tablet) use at the table.

And speaking of convenience

Remember that this is a complete reference on all matters vivimantic. (I didn't call it the "complete" vivimancer for nothing.) That means that you don't need to look anything up in other rulebooks. All your character's spells are here in one handy tome.

You should probably go to RPGNow and check it out now!

ps. If you're interested in the print version AND the PDF version, I'm going to try to set up some kind of discount so you can buy the PDF now and then cheaply "upgrade" to the print version when it's available. This publishing on RPGNow lark is all new to me, so it might take a bit of fiddling around. I am assured that it is possible though.


  1. Fantastic! I have been looking forward to this.

  2. Awesome! Alas, I just spent my prize from the OSR superstar competition, so it'll have to wait a bit, but anticipation and all that.... :)

  3. Hope you enjoy it guys when you get your hands on it!

  4. I picked it up today and will be reviewing it soon.

    1. Hey Tim, a review would be great, thanks! Hope you enjoy the book :)

    2. I do enjoy it! If I can squeeze out some time here in the next day or so I would love to get one up.

  5. This is really good stuff. I fully intend to plunder the hell out of this for our campaign. Thanks!


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