Friday, 21 February 2014

The Complete Vivimancer: Mind Fungus

Due to a small layout mistake I've just discovered I've got a little bit of space to squeeze a small amount of extra material into The Complete Vivimancer. Thus, an extra magic item:

Mind Fungus
Reminiscent of a fist-sized human brain, a single specimen of this species of robust magical mushroom is the fruit of a lengthy procedure of growth under carefully controlled conditions. The mushrooms must be grown on a medium of neural matter, and are fed a solution of magically treated spinal fluid. A character who consumes one of these rare fruits gains a permanent +1 bonus to INT, but must also roll a side-effect on the following table, as the psychic echoes of the minds which fed the fungus interact with the character's neural structure.

1-2: None
3: -1d3 WIS
4: -1d3 CHA
5: Re-roll WIS (3d6)
6: Re-roll CHA (3d6)
7: Alignment change – randomly determined (roll again if no change)
8: Insanity (as per the 4th level spell)
9: Radical personality change
10: Memory warp – long periods of the character's memory are either erased or replaced with events which did not occur (50% of each)


  1. That's not a mistake, that's a preemptive opportunity.

    1. Yeah, I'm fairly happy about the result. Any opportunity to squeeze a bit more content in there! :)


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