Saturday, 2 February 2013

Within the Radiant Dome -- Review!

I just came across a very positive review (auto-translated from the original Swedish) of my adventure module Within the Radiant Dome, published in Geoffrey McKinney's Psychedelic Fantasies line.

Thanks to Jonas for writing it!


  1. Congrats, Gavin! Very well-deserved praise!

  2. "Everything that exists in the dome is a stjärnhimlatak".

    I've always bemoaned the lack of stjärnhimlatak in the classic TSR modules. Finally this is being addressed. Nice work, Gavin!

    1. It was something I really put my heart and soul into... D&D needs stjärnhimlatak!

  3. Seriously! I'm always like, "I'd totally run this, if only there was a bit of stjarnhimlatak here and there", or "Dang it! How'd I get stjarnhimlatak on my pants AGAIN!"

  4. seriously, though. I'm very grateful to those who post thoughtful reviews of our stuff. It's really an honor to have someone spend their time to look at your work and share their thoughts.

  5. My imaginary translation:

    Stjärnhimlatak: A ladder to the starry vaults of heaven.


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