Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Dreamlands Campaign

Clockwork dwarves, and psychedelic gnomes, reptiloids, gullygugs and rat-men! Gather ye souls of wandering persuasion and prepare to enter the shifting sub-reality of the Dreamlands.

Here be the known depths of dream, divided into ten levels, ripe with plunder and comedy death:
  1. The phantasmagoric glades
  2. The plain of bones & pyramids
  3. The prismatic jungle
  4. The limnal mists
  5. The labyrinth of nightmares
  6. The cloud-realm of the seven spheres
  7. The geometric wastes
  8. Wereport -- city on the sea of somnambulism
  9. The outer void
  10. The sublime paradise of eternal balance

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