Monday 9 July 2012

D&D Mine: Players' Rules Draft

Over the last month I've been posting some extracts from the custom D&D rules, based on Swords & Wizardry, which I've been tinkering around with, planned for use in a future campaign.

I've now got the document to a point where it feels more or less finished. It's still very much a draft -- I've not given much attention yet to layout, and certain sections are open to modification or expansion (for example, I want to add more alchemical and herbal items in the equipment list). The basic structure of the rules is there though.

It's intended to be printed as an A5 booklet, the second in a set of six or so short booklets describing the rules and campaign setting. The complete set is envisaged as follows:
  1. Players' setting guide: a broad map of the campaign area, and some basic information about different regions, the people and creatures which inhabit them, and some cultural / historical information.
  2. Players' rules book.
  3. Saints & Shrines: for use by players of Zealot characters. Describes a pantheon of saints, and the miraculous blessings which are purported to them. The location of the shrines of some of these saints is described; others must be discovered through play.
  4. Theorems & Thaumaturgy: details a set of magical tomes, arcane libraries and arch-mages, which provide the initial spell selection of Magus characters.
  5. Referee's setting guide: a proper hex map and descriptions of the hex contents.
  6. Monsters.
I've uploaded the rules booklet as a google doc.

Any feedback would be most appreciated!


  1. Very nicely done, sir. What font did you use, if I may ask? I am a firm believer that fonts can really set a mood when reading, and I like how yours matches the tone of your writing (to me, anyway).

    1. Hi David, thanks!

      The fonts are as follows:

      Front page title: "The art of illuminating"
      Section headings: "Neudeutsch"
      Other headings & body text: "Liberation serif" (the default font on ubuntu libreoffice)

  2. Hey Gavin,

    I was wondering if there was a way I could contact you about some of your site content. I have a bit of a D&D Mine project myself and I had some questions about open gaming content that is on your site. I am a big fan of your work and I was wondering about using it in my project. If there is a way to get in contact please let me know :)

    1. Hi Jake, thanks for the kind words :)

      I thought my email was in the "my profile" section on the right, but I just checked and it's all been integrated with google+ now, where I apparently don't have my email address. It's elf23 aaaaaaatttttttt inboxdotcom.

  3. Gavin, at first look, I really like this document. Well organized with a coherent set of rules/house rules. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more in this series!

    1. Glad you like the look of it Jim! I looked over it again last night, and was very pleased at the length of it: 20 pages (= 5 sheets of paper when printed as a booklet!).

  4. I missed this since I was in the middle of the summer semester but I found it today - THUMBS UP!


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