Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The sorry fate of Mr Slippums

Oh dear.

Following the death and hoped resurrection of Slippy, our longest standing PC, the players had several options, as discussed here.

A further option was discovered, actually at Slippy's player's suggestion: reincarnate. So they made a visit to the School of Biomorphology in S'raka (where a bunch of vivimancers hang out) and inquired if it was possible. And it was, for the bargain price of 3,000gp. They jumped at the offer (2,000gp less than what the Temple of Orcus were asking! what a bargain!).

So Cagliostro, the party's necromancer, cut off an ear of the deceased rat man (the vivimancers only needed a small sample of tissue to work from), and set about boiling down Slippy's corpse to produce a skeleton and a nice bar of soap.

Two weeks later, Slippy emerged from the regenerative vats... The reincarnation tables came into action, and... a female goblin archer was born! Slippy's player was, I got the feeling, none too pleased.

I gave him the option of re-rolling his hit points: 3d6. He took the risk and rolled 8, having previously had 11.

I also gave him the option of re-rolling his comeliness (an attribute which we semi-jokingly use). He again took the risk and rolled 6, having previously had a respectably dashing 12.

So, such is the sorry fate of Henry Slippums. He had the idea of saving up for another reincarnation, committing suicide in the regenerative vat and taking his chances with what might come out next time. I suggested that wish would have the power to turn him back into a rat man.

Edit: see here for an insider's report on the Slippums situation.


  1. Brilliant!

    I once played in a very gonzo-old-school Pathfinder one-shot in which we found a potion of reincarnate and since my character was already dead -- I was playing a zombie -- we tested it on him.

    He came back as a gnome.

    We didn't like that, so killed him and used the potion again. And again. And again. It was a great game.

    I also like the idea of the vivimancers "hanging out"; I can imagine them sitting around drinking beer and playing cards in their den.

  2. The vivimancers must brew some awesome beer!

    Nice use of that reincarnation potion too! :)


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