Sunday, 8 January 2012

Carcosa -- Attributes & mutations

Continuing my planned house rules for creating characters in Carcosa, up next is attributes and mutations.

Attributes will simply be rolled 3d6 in order. Quick, traditional and fraught.

However, as a slight twist, every attribute rolled which is below average (i.e. 8 or lower) grants the character a beneficial mutation from the lists in Mutants & Mazes. Scores of 7 or 8 grant a class 1 mutation, 5s or 6s grant a class 2 mutation, and 3s or 4s grant a class 3 mutation. Where applicable (class 2 & 3) there's a 50% chance of the mutation being physical, and a 50% chance of it being mental.

For ease of reference I've compiled mutation tables which include the experience level at which each mutation becomes active. For mutations which first activate at 2nd level or higher, I think I'll create a list of pre-active variations, so that the mutation has some use before its main effect "goes live". For example energy retaining cell structure, which is fully active from 3rd level, would perhaps allow a 1st or 2nd level character to discharge a minor shock (1d6 damage) once per day.

Class 1 Physical Mutations
1Aberrant Form1
4Epidermal Photosynthesis1
6Night Vision1
7Prehensile Tail1
8Spiny Growth1
9Thermal Vision1
10Ultraviolet Vision1

Class 2 Physical Mutations
01-11Energy Retaining Cell Structure3
12-22Fragrance Development1
23-33Increased Balance1
34-44Increased Physical Attribute1
45-55Increased Sense1
56-66Natural Armor1
67-77Optic Emissions (bright eyes)5
89-95Toxic Weapon5
96-00Unique Sense1

Class 3 Physical Mutations
1Chameleon Epidermis1
2Complete Wing Development1
3Density Alteration (Self)7
4Dermal Poison Slime1
5Dual Headed1
6Energy Ray4
8Optic Emissions (gamma eyes)5
9Parasitic Control7
11Reflective Epidermis3
12Regenerative Capability1

Class 2 Mental Mutations
1Ability Boost1
2Acute Hyper Healing3
3Combat Empathy1
5Increased Willpower1
6Intellectual Affinity1
7Know Direction1
8Mental Barrier1
9Mental Phantasm5
11Mind Thrust1
12Neural Telepathy3

Class 3 Mental Mutations
01-04Accumulated Resistance1
05-08Ancestral Form11
09-13Body Adjustment5
14-18Control Light Waves5
19-22Control Weather10
23-26Damage Turning5
27-32Density Alteration (Others)7
37-41Dual Cerebellum1
42-46Flight, Psionic5
47-50Force Screen7
51-54Force Screen, Greater9
55-58Killing Sphere10
59-64Neural Telekinesis9
65-69Plane Shift9
79-82Mind Reflection7
83-86Quick Mind7
93-96Temperature Control5
97-00Vampiric Field12


  1. Wow; nice job indeed! We've been messing around with something similar in regards to mutations, but got derailed a bit when we lost our notes and DM Muse went away. This is a nice, clean solution. Elegant even. That section on Mutant & Mazes is one of our favorite parts of the Mutant Future rules!

  2. Thanks, glad you like it garrisonjames :) I'm rather fond of the idea of giving a bonus for a low attribute roll -- that way everyone's a winner ;)

    I'll post a PDF of my complete Carcosa / Mutants & Mazes chargen rules when I'm done, so keep an eye out for it.


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