Monday 12 December 2011

Underworld sketches -- Dungeon Welcome

I'm off work ill today, laying around in bed, listening to music. And from somewhere the inspiration to draw something struck me. I've not drawn anything just for the sake of it for many years, decades in fact. But I find the result rather charming, and it was, obviously, D&D related. I present the sketch for your amusement. I imagine this monster to be some kind of weird dungeon welcome committee.


  1. Cool. I've stopped drawing on the idea that my pictures aren't good enough for my blog. But I guess we bloggers can't afford to be too self-conscious, and we can post what we like, even if it isn't professional quality.
    Your fungoid creature seems quite friendly - is it genuinely benevolent, or luring visitors into a false sense of security? And how does it defend itself? No obvious natural weapons, but fungal creatures are notorious for their dangerous clouds of spores - are those really speech bubbles, or actually hypnotic spores coming out of its eyeball?

  2. Hey John, yeah I think it's nice when people share random stuff like this, without being too heavy on the quality judgement. I go on the theory that normally at least one or two people are going to get some kind of amusement or inspiration out of all but the most dreary OSR blog material, which is a nice thought!

    Your guess is as good as mine about the personality and capabilities of the fungoid welcome committee! Though I do suspect you're right about the hypnotic bubbles... :)

  3. I like it, and I like the style. Reminds me a bit of the Oubliette art. Bit of an underground comic vibe.

    I also haven't drawn anything in years, though I have this fantasy of starting to draw again every day, even if it's just a little thing. But somehow I haven't yet made the time.

  4. @Raskolnik: Thanks! Back to work today...

    @Brendan: Yeah I'd had this inkling for ages as well. Go for it! I found it very easy and a lot of fun once I got going.


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