Friday, 12 August 2011

Old Aalia - players' map + adventuring locales

Ok so as planned I've finished off the annotations on the campaign map, and added some sites of special interest. These are represented by numbered stars on the map.

Here's what they denote:
  1. The sunken palaces of Garm.
  2. The dungeons of Thraal.
  3. The Eld tree.
  4. Fastness of the giant king.
  5. Grbla -- City of the swine-folk.
  6. Realm of the Ja.
  7. The desolation of Orb.
  8. The scintillating peak.
  9. The sphere of Agk-H'ral.
  10. The caverns of Jib.
  11. The breachlands.
  12. Feremhaal -- City of statues.
  13. Shadda's dominion.
  14. The pillars of prophecy.
  15. The tower of death. (With thanks to Carter Soles ;)
More details on these, and the other locations on the map, to come!

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