Thursday 18 November 2010

Labyrinth Lord - running soon! (without Clerics?)

Just a very quick post to mark my delightment (new word) at the openness of two of the players in my Savage Worlds campaign to the prospect of me running Labyrinth Lord. I had the books lying around last night, we talked about it, and I was very pleasantly surprised that they'd be into playing it, probably as a one-shot at first, just to try it out. So, now my thoughts can turn more seriously to what sort of game I'd run, what house rules, and of course... a dungeon :)

I've been thinking vaguely of a campaign set in a large decadent city, perhaps with some kind of "undervaults" (obviously leading into countless miles of caverns and dungeons), and perhaps some kind of weird connection with dreaming or planar gateways. In the classic vein, the PCs would be thieves & treasure hunters (XP for gold!) - many adventures to be had that way! On that note I've been very unsure of the role of Clerics - who are marked by their abilities as clearly Lawful, and not the roguish amoral type at all. I wonder how a D&D campaign would run without Clerics... Healing potions could be made more readily and cheaply available I suppose, and I've thought that scrolls of undead turning might be quite cool. Those items, along with holy water, could be purchased from Clerics, without needing any preachy do-gooders coming along on dubious adventures and then insisting that the treasure is donated to a monastery.


  1. A lot has been written on the subject of dropping clerics from D&D and the general consensus seems to be that they can be removed with little fuss. It changes the game, but doesn't destroy it.

  2. Clerics are not needed. Sprinkle in a modest amount of potions and you cover needed healing. The one snag will be not making undead encounters too tough since turning them will be off the table. But this shouldn't be a problem either if handled right. Good luck with the game.

  3. Thanks guys, that's good to hear!

    I rather like the idea of dubious adventurers buying holy water and such from religious institutions ("what exactly are you intending to do with all this?").

    I'll have to read up a bit of Gord the Rogue / Lankhmar :)

  4. I'm reminded of the bit in The Lost Boys where the gang bundle into a church to fill their bottles up from the font.


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