Thursday, 14 October 2010

Old school t-shirts 2

I am now the proud owner of an AD&D Players Handbook t-shirt!

Unfortunately, a couple of things didn't go quite right:

1. I'd forgotten that the t-shirt printers told me that for bitmap images like this, it's only possible to print them on light coloured shirts, ideally white (because the colours of the image are mixed additively with the colour of the shirt). I totally didn't think that image would look right on a white shirt! While I was editting it I'd been imagining it on a dark background, maybe black or purple, and only remembered the thing about the light colour shirt when it came to printing it.

2. You can't really see it in the photo, but the colours came out a bit oversaturated, which was my fault (I think) as I did the colour balancing on my laptop, which probably has a pretty dim screen, meaning that I over-contrasted everything.

Ah well, you live and learn... Still, I'm pleased with the shirt, and am wearing it proudly, albeit hidden beneath jumpers in this season ;) I'm also especially pleased that it's printed on organic fair-trade cotton. That was one of the reasons I wanted to get a t-shirt printed at this shop, rather than just buying one - that I wanted something that wasn't made under sweatshop condition labour in some exotic land!

I think next I'll get a shirt printed with a vector image, so just one colour. Maybe the aforementioned Dungeons & Dragons logo, or another idea I had which might be very cool was the map of "skull mountain" from the Holmes Basic D&D book! I think a black & white dungeon map would make a pretty striking image, and would be distinctly old-school.


  1. Go with the dungeon map, definitely.

    Better yet, get the dungeon map done on a t-shirt, run that dungeon with your group, and see how long it takes them to notice that the map is right there in front of them!

  2. Yeah that would be really funny!

    I'm thinking maybe about printing one of the fantastically inspiring (and Creative Commons!) maps from Sickly Purple Death Ray.

    This, for example would look amazing on a tshirt! I'm not sure how much detail will be possible, I'll have to ask the printers...


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