Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Inches to Miles

5th level, Range: Self, Duration: 1 hour

This spell lays a brief but powerful enchantment on the fabric of space, bending it such that the enchanter may travel many miles in a short moment. Once the spell is cast, the enchanter may make either one or two steps. As the spell's common name implies, the length of each step is greatly magnified -- inches are literally transformed into miles. The following possibilities exist:
  • Road travel: a step may take the enchanter far along a road upon which he stands. Up to three junctions may be navigated.
  • As the crow flies: the enchanter may travel in a straight line, landing at ground level.
  • Step back: as the spell allows two steps to be taken, it is possible for the enchanter to travel to a distant location then return by turning around and making a reverse step, returning to his original location. After the first step has been made, the enchanter must decide whether to end the spell, leaving him in the new location, or to maintain it. In the latter case, the caster must remain stationary, taking no steps until he wishes to return to the original location. Making any steps except the returning stride ends the spell.
A simple means of calculating the maximum length of a step is to halve the character's height in inches. This is this the maximum number of miles that can be travelled with the enchanted stride.

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