Sunday, 12 April 2015

High Horse

1st level, Range: 30', Duration: 2d6 rounds

This cantrap has several applications. Cast upon a person of haughty or arrogant disposition, it brings about a brief spell of humility. Cast upon a horse (with or without rider) it either lifts the beast unwittingly into the air (up to 20') or evokes in it a mood of high folly, as if drunken or moonstruck. In all cases, a saving throw versus spells may be made to resist.

A higher level enchanter may affect one subject per three experience levels.


  1. It's neat how each spell has several uses, each thematically correct. (I am aware that I'm restating the premise; it's just too delightful not to remark upon.) Thank you for these.

  2. Hey Scott, glad you like them and that you spotted the theme. I'm going for something a bit different with these spells. They're for a wizard-type class, the enchanter (to appear in the Dolmenwood Character Archaics book, by the way), which has spells of multiple usage and more specific situational application, as opposed to the broad functionality of standard MU spells. The idea is that an enchanter can cast more spells per day, but generally of a lower level (5th is the highest I'm thinking of) than the standard MU.


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