Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Merry Band

4th level, Range: 15', Duration: 1 round or longer

Up to one person within range is affected per level of the wizard. Two things happen. Firstly, any items held in their hands are instantaneously transmuted into musical instruments (1. drum, 2. pipes, 3. bell, 4. lute, 5. fiddle, 6. trumpet). Secondly, they are enchanted with a wondrous musical virtuosity with the instrument which has manifested in their grasp and a compulsion to play a merry jig with great glee and vigour. Those without instruments will clap and sing. Thus may any situation be transformed into a merry ball. There is no saving throw.

The enchantment lasts for at least one round. At the start of each subsequent round, enchanted subjects may make a saving throw versus spells to break it. At this point, transformed items are returned to their normal state. Those of a musical predilection suffer a -3 penalty to the saving throw, as they are inclined to enjoy the effects.

Physical damage to an enchanted subject also ends the effect.

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