Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pick pockets results charts!

I've been doing a spot of musing lately on what  sort of things could result when a PC thief attempts a bit of petty pocket picking on the side in between adventures. This comes up every so often, especially now we have three thieves in the party, and I'm never properly prepared for the event. Unprepared no longer!

I present my lovingly crafted pick pockets results charts! (Players in my campaign, please don't look at the charts, unless you love spoiling fun that is ;)

This is the second draft of these charts. The initial version I came up with included a lot more extreme results -- including being able to pilfer some pretty valuable items, and the accompanying possibility of severe punishment (incarceration or execution!). After some discussion with the players we decided that, while this was realistic, it wasn't much fun. So the final tables have been kind of smoothed out. Items of moderate wealth can be stolen, and moderately bad consequences of failure may occur, but nothing at either extreme.

I hope some other DM out there might also find these charts useful!


  1. Very cool. I particularly like the bad failure results. I was never really satisfied with any games rules for picking pockets so I worked up my own rules as well. Here those rules are if your interested-

  2. Hey Pierce, yeah I was really surprised that I couldn't find any existing tables for what happens when a PP roll fails... (I came across your nice tables of items when I was searching actually! :) The bad results were originally going to be a d30 table full, but I could only think of 10 in the end, which I think is enough really.

  3. Straight to Links to Wisdom - Player Character Thief Skills

  4. very nice, a bit of extras I had not thought of.