Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nature mage

So I'm back from holiday, twas very nice, albeit rather rainy, but such is the lot of the British Isles.

Firstly, I wanted to post the spell list as it stands for my nature mage class. It needs more work, especially at levels 6 & 7, and I also want to go through and compare it (and the new necromancer spell list) against the existing illusionist and magic-user lists, to make sure the balance of attack / defense / misc spells is OK, and that the lists don't contain too many spells which sound really cool but are actually very unlikely to be used in the average adventure (transfer pregnancy? ;) It was inspired by the film Beast Master, by the way).

Secondly, if anyone has any ideas for a name for this class please make suggestions! "Nature mage" or "biomancer" are the best I've come across so far, but I feel like the latter sounds a bit too cyber-punk for D&D, and I'd really like a one-word name, rather than "X mage" or "Y wizard", if you know what I mean.

(D) denotes druid spells and (MU) denotes magic-user spells, all from the Advanced Edition Companion.

1st level
  1. Entangle (D)
  2. Jump (MU)
  3. Natural weaponry
  4. Read magic
  5. Reptilian metabolism
  6. Skin transformation
  7. Sleep (MU)
  8. Speak with animals (D)
  9. Spider climb (MU)
  10. Summon familiar (MU)
  11. Yeast growth
2nd level
  1. Accelerated immune system
  2. Accelerated metabolism
  3. Drone
  4. Fungal growth
  5. Infravision (MU)
  6. Polyvorousness
  7. Staunch blood flow
  8. Warp wood (D)
  9. Web (MU)
3rd level
  1. Accelerated healing
  2. Feign death (MU)
  3. Fly (MU)
  4. Hibernate
  5. Hold animal (D)
  6. Insect swarm (D)
  7. Natural weaponry, improved
  8. Neutralize poison (D)
  9. Plant growth (D)
  10. Repel vermin (D)
  11. Spore blast
  12. Water breathing (MU)
4th level
  1. Hive mind
  2. Hive sight
  3. Hold vegetation and fungus (D)
  4. Immunity to disease
  5. Plant metabolism
  6. Polymorph others (MU)
  7. Polymorph self (MU)
  8. Speak with plants (D)
  9. Swarm transformation (Necromancer)
5th level
  1. Animal growth (D)
  2. Anti-plant shell (D)
  3. Devolution
  4. Immunity to poison
  5. Insect plague (D)
  6. Regeneration
  7. Transfer pregnancy
  8. Wall of thorns (D)
6th level
  1. Anti-animal shell (D)
  2. Impregnate
  3. Reincarnate (MU)
  4. Repel wood (D)
  5. Transformative pupation
7th level
  1. Egg of life
  2. Mutate
  3. Regeneration, greater
8th level
  1. Clone (MU)
  2. Explosive growth
  3. Mass devolution
  4. Regenerative pupation
  5. Survival of the fittest
  6. Xenogamy
9th level
  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Creeping doom (D)
  3. Extraordinary regeneration
  4. Extinction
  5. Genesis
  6. Mass mutation
  7. Shape change (MU)
  8. Temporal stasis (MU)


  1. Naturalist? Haruspex? Faunomanceer?

  2. Thanks for the ideas Fabian! Naturalist was one I'd considered, but it just makes me think of David Attenborough. I actually really like the name "Naturist" as well, except for the unfortunate conventional meaning of the word. (I don't mean naturism is unfortunate, I just mean the name doesn't fit for a type of wizard!)


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