Saturday, 21 November 2015

The B/X Rogue: Out Now!

I have written a thing and you might like to buy it! It has illustrations by the esteemed Nicolò Maioli. Here is what it says on the back:

Climbing walls, hiding in shadows, moving silently, removing traps... There must be more to the adventuring life than this!

Explode the talents of your sneaky characters with this book!

More than simply a thief, the rogue class has access to talents drawn from a wide array of archetypes, all integrated into a single class. Scouts & spies, burglars & tomb robbers, charlatans & con-artists, swashbucklers & explorers, brigands & highwaymen, assassins & thugs. No need for all of those specialised sub-classes any more!

Within these pages you will discover:
  1. Complete advancement tables for levels 1 to 20
  2. 36 adventuring talents
  3. Themed packages of talents for a quick start into the game
  4. Guidelines for other classes attempting roguish feats
  5. Rules for song magic and dabbling in arcane secrets

Buy the PDF at RPGNow

(Print version coming soon.)


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