Saturday 21 February 2015

D&D 5 Basic: Halfling

The next in my series of basic classes for D&D 5 (see the dwarf and elf classes I made previously), I present the Halfling.

You can download it as a PDF here.

  • This is a lightfoot halfling with the charlatan background, all rolled together.
  • I was a bit torn with the halfling as to whether to go for the burglar archetype, the Bilbo Baggins-esque bumbling adventurer, or the stout sheriff.
  • Some of the text was based on Konstantin M's marvellous condensed basic rules
[All D&D 5 basic classes: Elf, Dwarf, Halfling.]


  1. these are so great, I'd love to run a game.

  2. These are really quite neat. Do you think that you might do more of these for the non-Basic races/classes?

    1. (If not no worries, I'm just interested to see a crack taken at those ideas)

    2. Hi Rachel, glad you like them! I plan to do a gnome class and then probably the basic human classes (cleric, fighter, thief, magic-user). I'm not sure whether I'll go any further than that -- I don't have any history, personally, with any of the other races or classes in the PHB, so they don't hold so much appeal.

      Anything in particular think would be fun?

    3. A half-Orc barbarian and trifling warlock would be cool ideas. But I love the fact that these are really fundamental archetypes of the classes in classic style. They really facilitate the ability to use the 5e rules with Mystara without throwing off the flavor of the setting, as these really capture the take on the classes from B/X that the setting assumes. Of course these options were already in the rules, but laying it out for everyone makes it friendly to both new players and those that fondly remember the days of the old red boxes. Well done, sir!

    4. Thanks, glad you like them!

    5. Hey Gavin, sorry to be so late in replying (it's quite possible you won't even see this.) I like both of Dave's ideas, as well as perhaps a Gnome Arcane Trickster. I suppose when I was writing before I was curious to see what, if any, class and background you would have assigned to the Dragonborn-- but as you say, you have less attachment to any races or classes outside the big three and four respectively. Getting away from racial classes, I'd be interested in seeing the same package applied to any of them. However it seems you've moved on from this project in general, so if you're no longer interested, would you mind if someone else were to adopt a similar presentation?

    6. (Upon reflection, I was also interested, at the time, to see if you would go with one of the pre-defined schools of magic for the basic wizard or try to create some sort of generalist.)

    7. Hi Rachel, yeah I've gone back to playing Labyrinth Lord now. I didn't find D&D 5 was really to my taste, after playing it for a while. Please feel free to take what I've done and develop it further!


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