Friday, 28 September 2012

Dungeon Druids III

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Commune with Dungeon Master
Level: Druid 5
Duration: Instant
Range: See below

Upon casting this spell the druid's mind becomes one with that of the Dungeon Master, the cosmic being who rules over all subterranean realms of adventure. This communion only lasts for a very brief time, and the caster has two options during this period.

Firstly the druid can opt to gain knowledge of the dungeon level which he currently stands in. The Labyrinth Lord is then required to allow the druid's player (and only the druid's player) to look at the map for this dungeon level. This cosmic revelation should be strictly timed -- two seconds per level of the caster. The Labyrinth Lord is not obliged to offer any information about the map's orientation, or regarding the druid's current location. Such mysteries are for the player to try and piece together. While viewing the map the player may not make notes of any kind or communicate with other players. It is recommended that the viewing be conducted in the Labyrinth Lord's secret inner sanctum (a room especially designated for this purpose), where interaction with other players is impossible.

This version of the spell may only be cast by a druid once ever per level of each dungeon.

Secondly, in dungeons where a physical manifestation of the Dungeon Master exists (i.e. locations which are dominated and controlled by an explicit ruler), the druid may opt to enter into a momentary telepathic communication with said ruler. The druid can send a message consisting of one word per level of experience to the dungeon's ruler, and the ruler must send back a response of an equal number of words. The druid will instantly know if the dungeon's ruler is not currently present within its confines.

Clearly, casting this spell above ground has no effect.

Note: players who are known to have a photographic memory may be banned from casting this spell in order to look at a dungeon's map, or have their character suffer permanent insanity upon experiencing the instantaneous revelation of all dungeons in the entire universe.

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