Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dungeon Druids II

A couple more spells for dungeon-specialised druids.

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Slime / Deslime
Level: Druid 1
Duration: Permanent
Range: 10' per level

This spell allows a dungeon druid to control the slime-bearing conditions of a subterranean area. The caster can choose to affect any or all of: dungeon floors, walls or ceilings, within range.

A thick coating of dripping, gooey slime manifests over the affected area. The slime has one of several effects (chosen when the spell is cast), depending on the druid's level.

1st level or greater: A slippery black slime. When cast upon the floor, any creature walking upon the slime must save vs paralysis or slip over.
3rd level or greater: A viciously viscous purple slime which has an unpleasant glue-like quality to it. Creatures in the affected area must save vs spells or be entangled in the goo, unable to move.
7th level or greater: An acidic yellow slime which causes 1d6 damage per round to any creature touching it.

The reversed version of this spell removes slime from the affected area. Monstrous slimes within range suffer 1d3 damage per level of the caster.

Blessing of the Omnipotent Mycelium
Level: Druid 1
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

Placing his hand upon a dungeon surface (i.e. the bare earth or stone of walls, floor or ceiling), the druid conjures forth an explosion of myconoid growth. The mushrooms and toadstools thus produced are of varying vibrant colours, and some of the crop will have a special useful property. Among the conjured mushrooms can be found 2d4 specimens of one of the following types (chosen at random, all specimens are of like type):

1. Healing: each mushroom cures 1d4hp when consumed.
2. Light producing: as normal torches. The light lasts for 2d6 turns.
3. Druid shriekers: these mushrooms can be harvested and subsequently placed in a new location. For the next 1d6 turns, when anyone except the caster comes within 20' of the mushrooms they will emit a shrieking sound which is tuned so as to be only audible to the caster. The shrieking can be heard up to 120' distant.
4. Shroomlings: animate semi-humanoid fungi which the caster can command. They are 2' tall, have one Hit Die, AC 8, and can attack for 1d4 damage.
5. Puffballs: these fungi can be harvested and placed in another location. When any creature except the caster passes within 20' of them, they will erupt a cloud of spores which has the same effect as a sleep spell.
6. Floaters: 2' spherical fungi filled with a buoyant gas. They can be picked and used to levitate objects and creatures. A single floater can support up to 50lbs of weight. Due to the gradual escape of the floating gas, the fungi lose their effectiveness after 2d6 turns.

Note that the caster can always correctly identify the type of mushroom produced.

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