Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Carcosa one-shot: Aftermath

Joesky's Carcosa Adventure
What went wrong?
The bizarre Russian roulette of rolling mutations from Mutant Future
A sure recipe for fun!

I ran the adventure as a dinosaur hunt, rather than a "rescue the girl" scenario, but the effect was more or less the same. The cultists were brutally slaughtered (while, of course, doing their own fair share of slaughter back), the ankylosaurus escaped after an epic wrestling battle with an 18' tall PC (gigantism), and the PCs ended up gaining entry to the alien facility, which I decided on the spur of the moment was a disco.

I'll try to encourage one of the players to do a write up of the session, if they dare -- it did feature rather a lot of X-rated silliness ;).

I love the way Carcosa can be taken dead seriously as a horror setting, but can also be used as a completely gonzo mash-up of dinosaurs, space aliens and mutants!

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