Saturday, 25 February 2012

House rules - written in stone

Following some recent wrangling with house rules and character creation options, and a lot of discussion with the players in my campaign, I've come up with a finalised house rules / chargen document. I have had it both tattooed onto my face and carved into a huge stone altar from which I conduct my games.

It's been a long process, going from basic Labyrinth Lord plus some additional per-class character options plus quite a few house rules, to full-blown Advanced Labyrinth Lord, to the current state of moving back to basic(s) and gradually eliminating a lot of the house rules!

The character options (class specialisations, as I've called them) remain, as does the advanced concept of separate race & class. Aside from those points though, the house rules are very minimal.

It's a good feeling to have gone through that process and eventually come to a set of character creation rules which I'm happy with (and which hopefully the players are too, or can bear at least! ;).

For anyone who's interested, here's the final PDF: Character Creation in the Realm of old Aalia.

It also contains some encouraging OSR philosophy, in an attempt to explain the flavour of basic D&D.


  1. This is awesome! I have done something similar on my campaign wiki and the recent discussion of "D&D Mine" has convinced me that I shall try to create a personalized player manual for my campaign.

    German pages:

  2. Very cool and thanks for sharing. What fonts are those, I like 'em!


  3. Great stuff, as always Gavin. :-)

  4. Hey guys, glad it's of interest, and good to get some peer DM thumbs ups! :)

    @The Bane: the fonts are the standard Labyrinth Lord fonts, that is 'souvenir' for the body text and sub-headings, and 'JSL Blackletter' for the main headings. I believe they're both free to download.

    @Alex: Yeah go for it! I'd probably do the same if 3 of the players in my group hadn't already bought the LL books, haha ;)

  5. Good stuff Gavin, nice new banner btw!


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