Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fight On! hardcover compilations

Just spreading the word that issues 1-12 of Fight On! are available until Feb 23rd in the form of limited edition hardcover compilations, each book containing 4 issues.

Each book costs $39.99 / £25.83, and has over 400 pages, so that's pretty good value for money I reckon! They are, of course, stuffed with awesomeness.

There's also, conveniently, a Lulu code for 20% off: SWEETUK305 is the UK version, SWEET305 for the US.

Links to Lulu:

Issues 1-4

Issues 5-8

Issues 9-12

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  1. A warning: I have the first of these compilations (issues 1 through 4), and while the binding quality seems good, there was zero editorial work done for the collection. It is like the four issues are just sandwiched between a pair of hard covers. There is no global table of contents or index. The pages aren't even renumbered.

    Mini-review here:



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