Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I never played this back in the day, or even looked at the books, but I always thought it sounded kinda cool. I think it sounds even cooler now, so I had a look on ebay. Luck was on my side, and I now have a very cheap copy of the books winging their way to me (albeit without the box -- which I'm not particularly bothered about).

I'm even thinking about running a Spelljammer game at the local con here in Berlin this year. Would be fun to crack out the proper AD&D 2e books again :)

Anyone got any experience / memories of Spelljammer they'd like to share? It's not something I hear mentioned very often...


  1. We played a short run of it back in the 2E days, and had great fun. I loved it. I still have my boxed set and the handbook with kits.

    My players became pirates, effectively, hijacking ships and selling them for great profit, before they returned to their world.

  2. I never played it, as I only ever played AD&D2 the once and it was bog-standard generic fantasy, but I've often admired Spelljammer. I know some consider it a bit hokey, and not as "cool" as Dark Sun or Planescape, but that's its charm for me; I like that it's hokey, like some awesome 1970's Marvel comic.

  3. @Simon: Space piracy was exactly what I was thinking of too!

    @Kelvin: Yeah exactly! I think Dark Sun & Planescape sound cool too, but in a totally different way. The wacky far-outness of Spelljammer is what appeals. Magical spaceships -- what's not to like? ;)

  4. "I like that it's hokey, like some awesome 1970's Marvel comic."

    All it would have taken is for it to have been illustrated by Kirby - then it would have worked.

    Incidentally, in Baby Jake on CBeebies - I have a toddler - there are hamster astronauts. Is this a Spelljammer reference? Weren't there space hamsters in the Monstrous Compendium (my, those are awkward thinsg to store in my gaming cupboard) for Spelljammer?