Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dolmenwood: A Night in the Common Room

This little random table popped into my mind upon awakening this morning. It will be featured in a future issue of Wormskin.

What occurs during a night spent in the inn's common room?

  1. Embarrassingly erotic dreams
  2. Leaky roof
  3. Exposure to an intestinal or skin disease (make a CON check)
  4. Attempted, drunken cuddling
  5. Early risers disappear in the wee hours
  6. Boar-like snoring
  7. Discover an unusual item left behind by a previous guest
  8. Attempted theft (WIS check to notice, thieves or rogues get a +4 bonus)
  9. Mouse infestation (1 in 6 chance of one taking up residence in a PC's pack)
  10. Awful stench: stale sweat
  11. Loud, drunken latecomers
  12. Overhear whispered scheming
  13. Incessant flatulence
  14. Bed collapses during the night
  15. Somnambulist wanderings
  16. Blanket theft
  17. Coughing and sneezing (make a CON check to avoid getting ill)
  18. Unsettling sleep-speech
  19. Nocturnal search by local militia
  20. Bedbugs or lice
  21. Loud, raucous singing
  22. Furtive sexual union
  23. Tickled by ants or spiders
  24. Midnight brawl
  25. Camaraderie throughout the night
  26. Odd nighttime vigil
  27. Horse-like snoring
  28. Awful stench: urine
  29. Rats or cockroaches
  30. Flagrant masturbation

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