Thursday, 31 December 2015

Free PDF: Adventurer Cleric Class

My beef with the cleric has been long and well-roasted.

In the new year, I'm going to be starting a new Labyrinth Lord campaign (a welcome change after my experiments with D&D 5 this year) and thought it was maybe about time to come up with a divinely blessed class which is to my taste.

Lo and behold! The adventurer cleric.

The design goals of the class were:
  • (Primarily) A divine class without any moral imperative and which can fit in with the usual assortment of mercenaries, rogues, cut-throats, and murder-hobos.
  • Cutting down the power of clerical magic a bit -- no raise dead.
  • Reducing the class' spellcasting advancement -- no spell at 1st level and a maximum of fifth level spells.

You can download the PDF here.

Wishing everyone a happy 2016!


  1. Good thought experiment, as always. I think there may be some alternative divine spells floating around for appropriate options, as well. Too lazy to hunt for them at the moment.

    1. Yeah, I also thought about introducing some new spells to replace the properly biblical ones, but then felt that a very reduced spell list is probably nice, especially with spontaneous casting. I'll have to see how it plays out!

  2. Very nice and spot-on!

    ps: are you going to extend sorcery also to the magic-user?

    1. Thanks! Well, the spontaneous spell casting was something that I wanted to introduce to differentiate divine magic from arcane magic. I should have mentioned that in the post as well.


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