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Ix: Metamorphs (D&D 5)

Here were scant details on the metamorphs of the city of Hul Nostra on the borderlands first revealed.

Now, apropos nothing in particular, here are some game-stat elucidations on these beings for use with the 5th edition of D&D.

The Metamorphs of Hul Nostra
A human character of Hul Nostran origin may choose the following trait packages in place of the standard human Ability Score Increase:

Ability Score Increase
You may increase four of your ability scores by 1.

Sexual Morphism
Your sex changes on a periodic cycle, usually over the course of a year. The cycle progresses as follows (you may start play at a point of your choosing): male to hermaphrodite to female to sexless to male (cycle restarts). If you become pregnant during your hermaphrodite or female phases, the sexual cycle pauses until the child is born.

Ability Score Increase
You may increase four of your ability scores by 1.

Form Adaptation
Your body -- including height, weight, hair, eye, and skin colour -- adapts to match that of those around you. After spending a week in someone's company, you begin to take on their characteristics. If living in mixed company, you attain a kind of in-between or average state of the features of those around you. When solely in the company of a single individual, you come to exactly mimic their form, over a period of three weeks.

Ability Score Increase
You may increase two of your ability scores by 1.

Dual Form
You have two distinct forms -- both of the same sex -- and are able to voluntarily shift between them whenever you take a long rest. Powerful drugs (with dangerous side-effects) exist which can accelerate the transformation to occur within the space of a short rest.

Ability Score Increase
Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Form Consumption
By genetic absorption, you take on the appearance and characteristics of the beings that you consume. Phagomorphs typically die young, as they develop non-human physiology which is unable to support their bodies. You were, however, carefully nourished on an almost exclusively carnivorous diet by knowledgeable parents or caretakers and have developed a stable biology.

When eating a normal diet consisting of multiple different types of beast, you take on some characteristics of the creatures you consume, such as a pig-like nose and tusks or a covering of fine fur or feathers. In order to attain a purely human appearance, you would have to primarily eat human flesh.

You are also able to undertake a special process of genetic absorption by consuming the body of a creature in its entirety, whereby your physiology changes as the genetic makeup of your prey is integrated with your own. This process takes four days. Once the genetic absorption is complete, your appearance is half-human, half-beast. In this state, you may use the attack forms of the consumed creature, replacing the specified attack and damage bonuses with your own. This half-beast state lasts for two weeks, at which point you must either perform the process again or lose the benefits.

At 1st level you may absorb the form of creatures of up to Challenge Rating 1/2. From 5th level you may absorb the form of creatures of up to Challenge Rating 1.

True Metamorph
Ability Score Increase
Your Constitution score increases by 1.

You are able to change your physical form at will, over the course of a short rest:
  • At 1st level you may alter your skin colour, eye colour, and facial features.
  • At 3rd level you may alter the length and colouration of your hair, as well as your height, weight, and apparent age (to within the range of human norms).
  • At 5th level you may change your sex or take on unusual traits of other races.
A genetic side-effect of your rare biology is that you are unable to reproduce.

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