Sunday 10 November 2013

Open Call For Content: Vivimancer Supplement

Here's an idea that's been brewing in my mind for a while, since a couple of people separately made similar suggestions to me...

Would anyone be interested in submitting material inspired by the vivimancer class (see Theorems & Thaumaturgy) for a compilation?

I thought it might be fun to gather some supplemental material for the class together from the minds of various people. If enough contributions were made, I'd add some material of my own, edit it together and lay it out as a free PDF for people to download.

The sort of things I'm thinking of:
  • Descriptions of important NPC vivimancers; or guilds, colleges or associations of such.
  • New vivimantic magic items.
  • New monsters created by vivimancers' research.
  • Wizards' lairs or other short adventures featuring vivimancers and/or their creations.
  • Any illustrations on the theme.
Note that I'm not so much thinking of new spells... with the upcoming release of The Complete Vivimancer, I think I have that covered for now ;)

Edit: I completely forgot to mention: the supplement will be released under the OGL and the Labyrinth Lord compatibility license. Feel free to write stuff in other formats, as long as it's easy for me to convert to LL.

Edit again: I don't have any strict deadline in mind for this, but was thinking of getting submissions gathered by January(ish), say, to commence editing & layout then.


  1. I am down for making you a monster or two.

  2. Sounds like a fun idea. I'll go re-read the class. I am sure I can contribute something.

    1. Is this for a seperate PDF or part of your upcoming Vivimancer book?

    2. Yeah this will be for a supplemental PDF. The book is jam-packed already! ;)


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