Sunday 6 October 2013

The Complete Vivimancer: Finished Draft!

For those who are following the progress of my new book: good news! I have just put the finishing touches on the draft.

This means that the writing is basically finished. The text is now going to start its (hopefully not too perilous) journey through the land of proofreading, via the forest of editing, with the eventual goal of reaching the mountains of layout and the palace of pristine perfection which is known to mortal men as "".

At this stage we have:
  • 83 pages, A5/digest size (including 2 pages OGL).
  • Over 130 new* spells.
  • 40 new magic items.
  • 2 appendices (psionic powers & mutations).
  • Guidelines for laboratory construction and the keeping of experimental subjects.

* New spells as compared to those in the standard Labyrinth Lord rule books. Compared to Theorems & Thaumaturgy, I think I have about 70 new spells.


  1. sometimes you make me look like a slacker

    1. Haha! Need I say "Dyson's Delves II" and "Adventures in the New Kingdoms"?


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