Sunday 8 September 2013

Announcement: The Complete Vivimancer

As observant readers of this blog may have noticed, I've had something vivimantic brewing. The process of genetic resequencing is far enough along now that I'm ready to announce what I've been up to.

The Complete Vivimancer
  • The ultimate guide* to magic of mutation, flesh warping, neural manipulation and genetic meddling.
  • Includes all vivimancer spells from Theorems & Thaumaturgy, plus about 70 entirely new vivimancer spells, including laboratory procedures for breeding, mutating and cloning life-forms.
  • All vivimancer spells from the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion reproduced, for convenient all-in-one reference.
  • Guidelines for setting up a laboratory and running experiments.
  • A multitude of new vivimantic magic items.
  • A5/digest size, for use at the table.
  • Fully illustrated.
  • 100% Open Gaming Content.

Coming late 2013! (PDF & print-on-demand)

* perhaps more accurately, my ultimate guide ;)


  1. Great news Gavin. I loved T&T and so will eagerly await the release of this new version.

  2. Brilliant! Can you tell us who the artists involved will be?


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