Friday, 9 September 2011

Divide and conquer!

A glimpse into my on-going development of the vivimancer class, here are two new spells hot off the press :)

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Divide Body
Level: 2
Duration: 1 turn per level
Range: 0

This spell causes the caster to physically split into two identical copies, which can be controlled individually.

During the first turn of the spell's effect, the caster undergoes a horrific process of transformation, during which his body swells and mutates. At the end of this period a second body splits away, leaving the caster with two separate and identical forms.

Each body can be controlled completely independently of the other, and both may engage in speech and spell-casting, sharing all knowledge and experience. As the two bodies share one mind, they effectively have a continuous telepathic link, experiencing everything which the other does.

However, the two bodies must share the caster's hit points, having half of his current total each. If either body is killed while the spell is in effect, the remaining body must make a saving throw versus death or fall unconscious for 2d6 turns.

When the spell comes to an end one of the two bodies (chosen at random) weakens and dies. The hit points possessed by the dead body are not regained, and must be regenerated by natural or magical means.

Divide Mind
Level: 5
Duration: 1 turn per level
Range: Touch

This spell allows the caster to imbue a fragment of his living consciousness into another being. The target must be touched, and is allowed a saving throw versus spells to resist.

Once the mind fragment is imbued, the caster experiences everything the target does, in addition to the perceptions of his own body, and is able to communicate telepathically with the target.

The caster can also attempt to control the target's body, overriding the mastery of its own mind. Each round the caster has a base 50% chance of being able to control the target's body, modified by 5% per point of difference in INT scores. It is only possible to control the target's body in this manner – the caster has no access to the target's mind, and it is thus not possible, for example, to force the target to reveal information or to cast spells.

If the target dies during the spell's duration, the caster must make a save versus death or fall unconscious for 1d6 turns. If the caster's own body is killed while his mind is divided, he must make a saving throw versus spells. Failure indicates that the mind fragment imbued in the target also dies. If the save succeeds, the caster's mind takes refuge in the target, and continues to exist beyond the normal duration of the spell. In this case the caster's mind may be retrieved from the target's body by spells such as magic jar or limited wish, and will automatically return to the caster's real body if he is raised from the dead.

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